SAFE’s Outgoing IP Addresses
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SAFE’s Outgoing IP Addresses

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This document contains the list of SAFE's outgoing IP addresses per region.

Outgoing IP addresses

The following is the list of outgoing IP addresses of SAFE. All traffic to any integrations in SAFE will see one IP address as the source IP of the incoming connection.


If Qualys is configured in SAFE, the Qualys services will see HTTPS connections from one of these IP addresses. Customers wishing to whitelist incoming traffic may choose to whitelist these IP addresses based on their region.

You can identify the appropriate AWS region by matching the SAFE One URL you use to log in to the SAFE Platform.

SAFE One URLAWS RegionIP Address
https://ap.safeone.aiap-south-1 (Mumbai)
ap-southeast-2 (Sydney)
eu-central-1 (Frankfurt)
us-east-1 (N Virginia)

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