Accessing SAFE APIs
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Accessing SAFE APIs

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This document is applicable only to users with the Admin role in SAFE.


SAFE offers a series of REST APIs that allow customers and partners to extend and leverage existing investments in other software and systems by synchronizing and sharing data between the systems.

The SAFE REST API allows third-party software and systems to extract information from the SAFE platform. Integration can be accomplished using a series of different technologies depending upon your needs and existing infrastructure. SAFE REST API that extracts data from SAFE can add additional context to other Security tools.

Access SAFE APIs

To access the SAFE REST APIs:

  1. Login to SAFE.
  2. Click the Help icon available at the header.
  3. Click the SAFE API option. You will be redirected to the SAFE API portal.


SAFE REST API documentation portal

SAFE API documentation is available on Swagger. Swagger is an Interface Description Language for describing RESTful APIs expressed using JSON. Once you go to the SAFE REST APIs portal, you need to authenticate yourself to use the APIs.


Generate API Credentials

To generate the SAFE API credentials:

  1. Login to SAFE.
  2. Navigate to the Administration > User Management.
  3. Search the user for whom you want to create the API credentials.
  4. Click the Edit icon available for the user. The system redirects you to the Edit User page.
  5. On the Edit User page, click the GenerateAPICredentials button.
  6. On the confirmation screen, click Ok. The system displays the API credentials. These APIs credentials will not work till you click the Submit button and complete the process of generating API credentials.
  7. Click the Submit button.

The API credentials will not work till you click the Submit button of Step 7 mentioned above and complete the process of generating API credentials.

Authenticate yourself

  1. Navigate to the SAFE API portal.
  2. Click the Authorize button.
  3. In the basicAuth section, enter the Username and Password generated from SAFE. Refer to the Generate API Credentials section.
  4. Click the Authorize button. Now you can use the SAFE REST APIs.


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