Burp Suite
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Burp Suite

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SAFE allows users to upload the Burp report to SAFE, track the third-party controls with their status, and Score immediately on SAFE.


Users cannot upload the Burp report for the assets, which are not available in SAFE.


The XML file must have the below format: 

<issues burpVersion="x.x.x" exportTime="">
<!--  repetitive blocks of the same "issue" tags template  -->
<host ip="a.b.c.d">url_of_the_application</host>
<request method="GET" base64="true"/>
<response base64="true"/>

Upload Burp Report

To upload a Burp report:

  1. Navigate to the Administration > SAFE Hooks > Assessment Tools.
  2. Click the Upload button available on the Burp Suit card.
  3. Browse and upload the Burp report on the report upload pop-up screen.
  4. A green check mark will be displayed upon successful upload.

If the upload fails, it will be flagged with a red cross. You can delete the failed uploads by clicking on the delete icon.


Verify Integration

Navigate to the asset for which you have uploaded the report, and now you can view the uploaded controls with their status and SAFE Score.


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