Using Windows Agent
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Using Windows Agent

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Command-Line Options

The following command-line options can be used for the agent exe:

  1. Run - To run the agent
  2. SafeUrl - To pass SAFE URL to the agent
  3. DryRun - To test agent in dry run
  4. help - To display the CMD options
  5. version - To display the version information of the agent
  6. Syslog server- To configure remote Syslog Server address and port
  7. Activate - To activate the agent using the activation key
  8. SiteUrls - To configure comma-separated site coordinator URLs

Run command-line option

To run a command-line option, perform the following steps -

  1. Open “CMD” as “Administrator”
  2. Navigate to the location of “Safe.exe.”
  3. Execute command - Safe.exe --

Changing the output size of WMI commands

  1. maxControlSize parameter in the config file is the threshold size for the output of WMI commands. If the output of any WMI query is greater than maxControlSize, then that output will be discarded.
  2. Its default value is kept as 1MB.
  3. This value is configurable and can be entered in KB only.

Overriding Agent Global Policy for an Individual Agent

If the user wants to override the behavior of Agent Global policy for an individual agent, it can be done using the overRidePolicyConfig key in config.


By default, overRidePolicyConfig is set to false in Agent’s Config.

  1. Stop LucideusSafe service from the Service controller.
  2. Open Safe.exe.Config
  3. Change overRidePolicyConfig=true
  4. Users can change the minimum log level (out of DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, and FATAL), udpIntervalSecs, heartbeatIntervalSecs, httpHeartbeatSecs and enable Syslog from the config file.
  5. Start LucideusSafe Service.
  6. Now values in config will take precedence over Agent Global Policy.

Changing Syslog Server

If the user wants to send Agent’s log to a different Syslog server, then it can be done using the command-line option -SyslogServer

  1. Stop LucideusSafe service from the Service controller.
  2. Open “CMD” as “Administrator”
  3. Navigate to the location of “Safe.exe.”
  4. Execute command - Safe.exe --SyslogServer “:
  5. By default, the port is kept as 514 in the config, so the user can run the above command without giving port no if it is the same as 514.
  6. Start LucideusSafe service.
  • In a fresh installation, the agent will register and perform a scan immediately.
  • In an upgrade, the scan will run as per the existing schedule.

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