Installing Master Site Coordinator
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Installing Master Site Coordinator

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This document explains the step-by-step procedure to install a Master Site Coordinator.


  • Refer to Prerequisites - Site Coordinator
  • Raise a service request by logging a ticket to the SAFE support team to get the SC Broker URL and SC Broker content URL. In the service request ticket, please provide the public IP address, from which the Master Site Coordinator (MSC) communications will come. This does not need the MSC to have a public IP, just that the final public IP at the customer's network edge needs to be whitelisted.
Master Site Coordinator Default Network
The default subnet used for Master Site Coordinator containers is Customers should review if this default network range will conflict with their existing infrastructure and make any adjustments as required.

Install Master Site Coordinator

If required, set up a proxy server to access the SAFE URL. The proxy should be set at the OS level before running the command generated in step 5 below. Refer to Configuring Proxy in Site Coordinator.

To install the Master Site Coordinator:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Asset Management > Agent & Site Management 
  2. Click the Install Site Coordinator button.
  3. Copy the command to install the site coordinator.
  4. Append the command with SC Broker Url.
    For Example: curl -o <SAFE_URL>/download-scripts/ && sh --url "<SAFE_URL>" --key "<Activation Key>" --sc-broker-url <Broker_URL/>  
  5. Copy the above command and run it on the machine.
  6. The installation will validate the pre-requisites and download the necessary packages to complete the Site Coordinator Installation.
  7. Once the above command completes, it will connect to the SAFE URL to download the installation script and run it. The installation script will download a set of docker images for the site coordinator. If a proxy server is required to access the SAFE URL, the proxy should be set at the OS level before running this command.
  8. The installation script will ask for the following:
    1. The installation directory.
    2. The proxy settings. This is optional and required if the param --configure:proxy is added in the above installation command for the site coordinator to communicate through a proxy server to SAFE on the cloud.  Refer to Configuring Proxy in Site Coordinator
    3. The agent communication settings. This is required if the Site Coordinator needs to support agent-based assessments. Refer to Configuring Site Coordinator for agent-based communication.
  9. To upgrade the agentless assessment content in Master Site coordinator, execute sh --content:download "<version>" . Contact the SAFE Support team to get the content version compatible with the SAFE instances, the Master Site coordinator is registered with.

Steps to Register MSC with multiple SAFE servers

You can register a Master Site Coordinator with multiple SAFE instances. Once the Master Site Coordinator is installed, follow the below steps to register Master Site Coordinator with other SAFE instances

  1. On the other SAFE instance, navigate to Administration > Asset Management > Agent & Site Management.
  2. Click the Install Site Coordinator button. 
  3. Copy the command to install the site coordinator.
  4. Execute only sh --url "<SAFE_URL>" --key "<Activation Key>" to register with the new server.
Remove `curl -o <SAFE_URL>/download-scripts/` from the installer command shown in UI while registering with the new server.

Upgrade Master Site coordinator

To upgrade Master Site coordinator, execute the command sh --url "<SAFE_URL>" --upgrade

Make sure all the SAFE instances registered with the Master Site Coordinator must be upgraded to the latest version before executing the Master Site Coordinator upgrade command.

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