Training Courses
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Training Courses

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Training Courses

SAFE Me has 150+ nano video training courses. Below is the list of all the available courses to SAFE Me.

  1. SAFE Mobile Devices Usage - Android
  2. SAFE Mobile Devices Usage - iPhone
  3. SAFE Laptop Usage - MacBook
  4. SAFE Laptop Usage - Windows
  5. SAFE Password Usage
  6. Importance of Software Updates
  7. SAFE Public Wi-Fi Usage
  8. SAFE from SMS Scams
  9. SAFE from Call Scams
  10. SAFE from Email Scams
  11. SAFE Email Usage - Outlook
  12. SAFE Email Account Usage - Gmail
  13. SAFE from Insider Threats
  14. SAFE from Cryptojacking
  15. SAFE Smart Phone Data Wiping
  16. SAFE Social Media Usage - LinkedIn
  17. SAFE Social Media Usage - Facebook
  18. SAFE Social Media Usage - Snapchat
  19. SAFE from Fake Social Media Friends
  20. SAFE Social Media Usage - Instagram
  21. SAFE Social Media Usage - Twitter
  22. SAFE Youtube App Usage
  23. SAFE Browsing
  24. SAFE Debit/Credit Card Usage
  25. Physical Security
  26. SAFE Net banking Usage
  27. SAFE from Identity Theft
  28. SAFE Backups
  29. SAFE E-Commerce Usage
  30. Proprietary Data Protection
  31. SAFE Chat Messenger Usage - WhatsApp
  32. SAFE from Microsoft Fake Tech Support Scam
  33. SAFE from CoronaVirus Scams
  34. SAFE from Rogue USB Devices
  35. SAFE from Malicious Microsoft Office Macros
  36. SAFE Work from Home
  37. SAFE BHIM Application Usage
  38. SAFE Whatsapp Payments
  39. SAFE PhonePe Application Usage
  40. SAFE Paytm Usage
  41. SAFE Slack Usage
  42. SAFE Google Pay Usage
  43. SAFE Skype Usage
  44. SAFE Uber Application Usage
  45. SAFE Travel
  46. SAFE Google Hangouts Usage
  47. SAFE from Malvertisement
  48. SAFE Tiktok Usage
  49. SAFE USB Usage
  50. SAFE Yahoo Mail Usage
  51. SAFE from Ransomware
  52. SAFE from SIM Hijacking
  53. SAFE from PDF Attachment Threats
  54. SAFE Zoom Application Usage
  55. SAFE WebEx Usage
  56. SAFE from Online Dating Scams
  57. SAFE from Wire Frauds
  58. SAFE from CEO Frauds
  59. SAFE from Social Engineering
  60. Introduction to PCI DSS
  61. SAFE Dropbox Usage
  62. SAFE Internet Usage for your Child
  63. SAFE from Keylogger
  64. SAFE Microsoft Teams Usage
  65. SAFE from Tailgating
  66. SAFE from Phishing
  67. Clean Desk and Clear Screen Policy
  68. SAFE ShareFile Usage
  69. SAFE from Social Media Frauds
  70. SAFE Home Wi-Fi Usage
  71. SAFE Box Usage
  72. Online Cyber Crime Reporting in India
  73. SAFE DocuSign Usage
  74. SAFE Facebook Workplace Usage
  75. SAFE Google Drive Usage
  76. SAFE Egnyte Usage
  77. SAFE Extensions and Plugins Usage
  78. SAFE Router Usage
  79. SAFE SmartTV Usage
  80. SAFE from Trojan
  81. SAFE from Juice Jacking
  82. SAFE from Spear Phishing
  83. SAFE Google Sheets Usage
  84. SAFE from Pension Scams
  85. Understanding IT (Amendment) Act, 2008
  86. SAFE from Two-Factor Authentication Frauds
  87. SAFE from Email Extortion
  88. SAFE Jive Usage
  89. SAFE Salesforce Usage
  90. SAFE and Secure Coding Practices
  91. SAFE Github Usage
  92. SAFE Mobile Application Development Tips
  93. SAFE Apple Pay Usage
  94. SAFE Office 365 Usage
  95. SAFE OTT Services Usage
  96. GLBA: Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act
  97. SAFE Webcam Usage
  98. SAFE iCloud Usage
  99. Introduction to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  100. SAFE AWS Account Usage
  101. SAFE Grab Usage
  102. SAFE Steam Account Usage
  103. SAFE Google Account Deletion
  104. SAFE Yahoo Account Deletion
  105. SAFE Whatsapp Account Deletion
  106. SAFE Facebook Account Deletion
  107. SAFE Instagram Account Deletion
  108. SAFE Snapchat Account Deletion
  109. SAFE LinkedIn Account Deletion
  110. SAFE Twitter Account Deletion
  111. SAFE Youtube Channel Deletion
  112. SAFE Recovery of Hacked Google Account
  113. SAFE Recovery of Hacked Yahoo Account
  114. SAFE Recovery of Hacked Whatsapp Account
  115. SAFE Recovery of Hacked Facebook Account
  116. SAFE Recovery of Hacked Instagram Account
  117. SAFE Recovery of Hacked Snapchat Account
  118. SAFE Recovery of Hacked LinkedIn Account
  119. SAFE Recovery of Hacked Twitter Account
  120. SAFE Printer Usage
  121. SAFE Playstation Usage
  122. SAFE Xbox Usage
  123. SAFE Apple Watch Usage
  124. SAFE Android Watch Usage
  125. SAFE CCTV Usage
  126. SAFE Windows Defender Configuration
  127. SAFE Alexa Usage
  128. SAFE Apple HomePod Usage
  129. SAFE Google Home Usage
  130. SAFE Safari Browser Usage
  131. SAFE From Shoulder Surfing
  132. SAFE from Dumpster Diving
  133. Hard Drive Security
  134. SAFE Google Chrome Usage
  135. SAFE Firefox Usage
  136. SAFE BIOS Security
  137. Importance of Antivirus
  138. SAFE Windows Firewall Configuration
  139. Reporting a fake Facebook Account
  140. Reporting a fake Twitter account
  141. Reporting a fake Instagram account
  142. Reporting a fake LinkedIn account
  143. Reporting a fake Snapchat account
  144. SAFE from SPAM Emails
  145. SAFE Samsung Gear Usage
  146. SAFE Google Duo Usage
  147. SAFE Restream Usage
  148. Finding lost Apple Mobile
  149. Finding lost Android Mobile
  150. SAFE Signal Usage

Manage Courses

You can manage courses for your organization from the “Training Courses” option. Here you can select the appropriate courses for your organization and also make the courses Required or Optional.

  • SAFE Admin can select the courses for the organization by marking the check box available against the courses.
  • A Required toggle button is available against each course, allowing SAFE Admin to mark the courses as required (mandatory) for employees.

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