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This page provides a step-by-step procedure to configure SAFE ID in SAFE. 

What is SAFE ID?

SAFE ID is a set of credentials (a user ID and password) provided to you initially as a part of the standard process of implementing SAFE in your organization. SAFE ID establishes a connection between your SAFE Instance and SAFE services. This connection enables the functionalities such as Scoring, People Assessment, Third-party Assessment, and many others in SAFE.

Why SAFE ID is needed?

SAFE ID is a mandatory requirement to work with certain functionalities such as SAFE Scoring, People, and Third-party assessments.


As a SAFE Admin, you need to Sign In to SAFE first before configuring SAFE ID. Once the SAFE instance for your organization is configured, the SAFE support team provides the SAFE instance URL (<compnay>, User ID (email ID you initially provided), and a temporary password to Sign In to SAFE. 

Refer to Sign In to SAFE the first time and reset your password.

Configuring SAFE ID for the first time

Once the SAFE instance has been configured successfully, the system sends an email with a temporary password for SAFE ID to the configured email address (provided initially by you). This is a system-generated email with the following details:

The temporary password for SAFE ID and temporary password you received for Signing into SAFE are distinct and not linked to each other in any way.
If the primary user has not received the above email, please contact the SAFE support team to have the credentials reissued.

You need first to reset your SAFE ID temporary password, and then you can configure the SAFE ID for your organization.

Reset the temporary password

Follow the below steps to reset the temporary  password for the SAFE ID:

  1. Go to the (This is the Admin portal URL and common for all SAFE customers)
  2. Enter the Email ID and temporary password you received in the welcome email.
  3. The system asks you to reset the password. 
  4. Reset the password by following the on-screen instructions. 
  5. This is your SAFE ID credentials to set up the SAFE ID in the SAFE hooks section of your SAFE instance.

Configure SAFE ID

Follow the below step-by-step instructions to configure the SAFE ID:

  1. Navigate to Administration > SAFE Hooks.
  2. Click the Enrichment Tools tab.
  3. Click the Configuration button available on the SAFE ID card.
  4. Enter the SAFE ID Admin User Name and SAFE ID Admin Password.
  5. Click the Test Connection button.
  6. Once the connection is verified, click the Save Configuration button.

To change the Email ID of an already configured SAFE ID, reach out to the SAFE support team to get a temporary password and follow the above steps.
If a user's email address is configured as SAFE ID, their SAFE ID and SAFE Me credentials must remain the same at all times, with the exception when SAFE Me is configured via SSO.

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