Release Notes - May 2023
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Release Notes - May 2023

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New Features and Enhancements   (SAFE Version 3.0.52) 

Release Date:  17th May 2023

 1. Enhancements in Azure - Defender for Cloud Integration


The enhanced SAFE-Azure integration will be deployed gradually and might not be accessible on your particular instance. Write to the SAFE support team to get this enabled on your SAFE instance.

The SAFE-Azure Integration has been enhanced with several new capabilities to provide our users with a more seamless and efficient experience. The latest updates include:

  • Dynamic Control Approach: Our Azure Integration now utilizes a dynamic control approach to allow for seamless incorporation of control addition and updates by Microsoft. This means that as new controls are added or updated by Microsoft, they will be automatically integrated into our platform.
  • Dynamic Asset Type Approach: Azure Integration now supports a dynamic asset type approach, which allows for the inclusion of any new Azure resource types that may be introduced in the future. This ensures that SAFE will be updated with the latest Azure resource types without any additional setup or configuration.
  • Technique ID Mappings for Controls: We have included the Technique ID mappings for controls from Azure, which align with SAFE risk modeling based on ATT&CK MITRE. This provides our customers with a more comprehensive and accurate risk assessment, enabling them to make more informed security decisions.
  • Multiple Azure Tenant Support: With this enhancement, you can add multiple Azure accounts in SAFE via APIs.
As we have included the Technique ID mappings for controls from Azure and also have made some minor adjustments and refinements to the SAFE Scoring model, you may notice changes in your organization's SAFE Scores and Breach Likelihood with this release.

2. New APIs

We are excited to announce the addition of new APIs to SAFE that will enhance your experience in managing assets, controls, integrations, locations, signals, and users.

  • Asset API
    • DELETE /api/v3/assets/{id}/assessment/control/{controlId}: This API allows you to delete an assessment control associated with the specified asset.
    • GET /api/v3/assets/assessment/groups/{assetGroupId}/controls-view: This API returns a view of all controls associated with the specified asset group.
    • GET /api/v3/assets/assessment/techniques/{techniqueId}/controls-view: This API returns a view of all controls associated with the specified assessment technique.
  • Company API
    • GET /api/v3/company/departments: This API returns all the departments associated with your company.
    • POST /api/v3/company/departments: This API allows you to create a new department for your company.
  • Control API
    • POST /api/v3/controls: This API allows you to create a new control.
    • Integrations API:
    • GET /api/v3/integrations/{id}/history: This API returns the history of an integration identified by the specified ID.
  • Locations API
    • GET /api/v3/locations: This API returns all the locations in SAFE.
    • POST /api/v3/locations: This API allows you to create a new location.
  • Signals API
    • POST /api/v3/signals/: This API allows you to create a new signal.
  • Users API
    • GET /api/v3/users/designations: This API returns all the designations associated with users in your account.

New Features and Enhancements   (SAFE Version 3.0.51) 

Release Date:  03rd May 2023

1. Introducing History Table and Asset Visibility for Integrations in SAFE 

SAFE's latest release is designed to help you quickly manage your integrations and assets by introducing the "History" table and the "See Updated Assets" button.

Integration History

The History table on the configuration page of each integration provides a comprehensive overview of sync history, including start time, started by, and sync status. 

Integration History 1

You can also view the status details by clicking the status column. The details include the Error, Stage, Status, Message, Last completed time, and many others (refer to the screenshot below).

Integration History 2

Asset Visibility

With the new "See Updated Assets" button on the SAFE Hooks configuration pages, you can quickly view all assets updated by the specific integration. This feature eliminates the need for manually searching for assets updated by the integration.

Clicking this button, you will be redirected to the filtered asset list page that displays all the assets updated by the particular integration in SAFE.

Asset Visibility

The system does not display the asset list after clicking the "See Updated Assets" button for the GCP integration.

2. Enhancements in KnowBe4 integration

With this release, the KnowBe4 integration has been enhanced to handle large-scale environments better. Furthermore, we have fine-tuned the mapping of KnowBe4 controls to techniques. Consequently, your organization's SAFE Scores and Breach Likelihood may change.

3. Deprecation Notice

Removal of Technology Dashlet from SAFE Dashboard

To maintain consistency throughout the application, we have removed the technology dashlet from the SAFE dashboard. However, users can still access information related to technology verticals under the Technology tab on the Groups page. This change has been made to ensure better organization and accessibility of information for you.

ServiceNow CMDB Integration Deprecated in SAFE 

We would like to inform our users that the ServiceNow CMDB card in SAFE Hooks has been removed, and the integration is deprecated from the platform. This decision was made because most new integrations onboard assets into SAFE, making the current ServiceNow CMDB integration obsolete.

We are planning for a new version of this integration that includes asset metadata sync in future releases.

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