Release Notes - Mar 2022
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Release Notes - Mar 2022

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New Features and Enhancements   (SAFE Version 2.2.24)  

We have added several new features and enhancements to SAFE Version - 2.2.24. Here are the highlights of this release:

  1. Yet another star to our security certification - SOC 2 Type 2
  2. Asset Groups page with a whole new user experience
  3. Enhanced Actionable Insights
  4. APIs to enable integration with any VA tool
  5. Enhancements in the SAFE Me web application
  6. Miscellaneous Enhancement

1. Yet another star to our security certification - SOC 2 Type 2


With security being at the heart of everything we do, we go the extra mile to ensure the security of our product. Along with the Veracode verification and AWS Well Architecture certification, SAFE is now also SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

2. Asset Groups page with a whole new user experience

To provide a better user experience and easy navigation, we have transformed the asset group details page into the new design system in SAFE.

On the asset group details page, users can find the following information:

  • Asset Group SAFE Score
  • Asset Group SAFE Score Trend
  • Asset Group Details
  • Actionable Insights
  • Asset Score Distribution
  • Asset List

Read more about Asset Groups.

3. Enhanced Actionable Insights

We have refined the Actionable Insights in SAFE to provide a more prioritized view of the insights to improve your SAFE score and reduce the risk. Actionable Insights will now entail a list of up to 100 failing controls which are a combination of all High Impact Controls and Critical/High severity failing controls.

In SAFE, now the system displays the actionable insights on the Inside-out and the Asset Groups page available under Technology.

3.1. Enhancements in actionable insights table

The actionable insights table has been enhanced for the following new capabilities:

  • All the high-impact failing controls are listed at the top of the list and highlighted in the light-red color. The system also displays the number of failing High Impact Controls just above the table with an option to quickly filter the actionable insights table for displaying only the High Impact controls.
  • You can customize the number of rows in the actionable insights table to 10, 25, 50, or 100 rows.
  • The actionable insights table also allows users to sort each table column as per the user’s need.
  • Users can filter the actionable insights table based on attributes such as control type, asset type, severity, and technology vertical.
  • Clicking on the impacted assets column of the actionable insights table displays a list of impacted assets with their details on a new page.

3.2. Enhancements in actionable insights CSV download

  • While exporting the actionable insights in CSV, the system now downloads an additional Impacted Assets CSV file along with the existing Controls CSV. This file contain impacted assets' details such as asset name, asset owner, asset type, asset score, IP address, criticality, etc., against each control. 
  • The system allows users to download the filtered or searched result of the actionable insight result in CSV. In other words, if the CSV is downloaded after applying filters or search, then the downloaded CSV will have the filtered or the search data only.

Read more about the Actionable Insights.

4. APIs to enable integration with any VA tool

With this release, API endpoints have been enabled in SAFE that can be used to add or update assets and their corresponding vulnerabilities in SAFE. With these APIs, SAFE partners, customers, and professional services can connect SAFE with a VA tool to post VA data for technology assets in SAFE.

These APIs can eliminate the need for manual upload of the VA reports in SAFE and elevate the real-time risk posture calculation.

Read more about how to integrate any VA tool with SAFE using APIs.

5. Enhancements in the SAFE Me web application

5.1. User’s Summary

We have enhanced the SAFE Me web application to display the user's summary on the home page. The summary includes the user's performance on the awareness courses, misconfigured device controls, dark web exposures, and Phishing results of that user.

5.2. Recommendations

SAFE Me also now displays recommendations to users on the home page to improve their individual SAFE Score. The recommendations include the remediation steps for the leaked credentials on the dark web and the remediation steps to correctly configure the misconfigured security settings on your mobile device. It also recommends users take the SAFE Me courses and improve their SAFE score by passing the quiz.

Read more about Recommendations.

5.3. Phishing result

SAFE Me web app displays the last 10 phishing results under the phishing test results option. The SAFE application only considers the recent 10 phishing results to calculate the people's SAFE score for a user.

6. Miscellaneous Enhancement

  • SAFE now supports the configuration assessment for Cisco IOS 17.x Switches and Routers.
  • SAFE now supports the people assessment of up to 25K+ users for an organization.
  • We have added a new SAFE API - assetListWithControls, that allows you to download the controls associated with the assets into a CSV file. This API allows users to download the data in tranches of 2K assets in one go. It also allows you to apply all the filters available on the SAFE UI, such as:
    • For Assets: Asset Type, Vertical, Asset Owner, Asset Score, Criticality, etc.
    • For Controls: Status of the controls, e.g., Accepted Failed Controls, Failing Controls, etc.
  • In addition to the agentless assessment, now the Master Site Coordinator (MSC) also supports the agent based assessment. Additionally multiple enhancements has been made to Master Site Coordinator for better operations.  Read more about Master Site Coordinator.

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