Release Notes - July 2022
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Release Notes - July 2022

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New Features and Enhancements   (SAFE Version 2.2.30) 

Release Date: 13th July 2022

1. Enhancements to ATT&CK Mapping

  • SAFE now supports the latest ATT&CK Matrix v11.2.
  • Security findings from AWS, GCP, Gsuite, and Office 365 have been mapped to the latest Tactics and Techniques.
  • Cyber Risks - Business Email Compromise, Data Compromise, and Ransomware, are now supported for ATT&CK mapping in SAFE. Additionally, Phishing and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack types are currently under evaluation and have been removed from SAFE.


The breach likelihood for the 3 cyber risks (BusinessEmailCompromise, DataCompromise, and Ransomware) is updated to support the additional tactics and techniques, along with the new asset types.   content goes here

2. Another way to manage Asset groups in SAFE via REST APIs

In addition to the asset group functionality on the SAFE UI, you can now manage the asset groups in SAFE using the SAFE REST APIs. We have added new APIs in SAFE that allows you to create asset groups combining multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-prem assets to represent any business application, get the SAFE score and prioritize actionable for that asset group to improve the risk posture.

We have added the following new REST APIs for managing the asset groups in SAFE:

  • API to get the list of all the asset groups available in SAFE.
  • API to get the asset group details for a specific asset group.
  • APIs to create, update and delete an asset group in SAFE including the ability to create Asset Groups with a Match All or Match Any option for applying multiple criteria.
  • API to get actionable insights including High Impact Controls for a particular asset group.
  • APIs to get the details on the applied criteria and attributes used while creating a specific asset group.

APIs for Asset Group

3. Industry benchmark score on the SAFE dashboard

Now, SAFE displays the industry benchmark scores, which provides visibility into how safe is your organisation compared to other organizations with similar characteristics. The characteristics influencing industry benchmark include the industry, revenue, and, size of the company.

indutry benchmark score final

4. Improved User Experience  in SAFE People

To provide a better user experience, we have made multiple enhancements to the SAFE People module that include the following:

  • Enhancements in User Groups
    • The edit and delete options under the manage column of the user group table have been made directly accessible to users with a single click.
    • You can now sort the User Groups table by clicking any of the column headers.
    • The system now starts displaying the search results as you start filling in the characters in the search box.
    • The creation of a new user group or modifying existing user groups may lead to score changes and the user should be notified of the same.

Users Group Ehnacements

  • Enhancements in Users
    • The edit and delete options under the manage column of the user's table have been made directly accessible to users with a single click.
  • Enhancements in user upload via CSV
    • Earlier the system was failing to upload the CSV file if extra spaces are present in the field values. Now the system automatically trims the extra space and uploads the CSV file.

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