Release Notes - Jan 2022
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Release Notes - Jan 2022

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New Features and Enhancements   (SAFE Version 2.2.18)  

1. Integration with CrowdStrike Falcon

SAFE now integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon for the EDR signals whereby it fetches Malware and Anomaly detection information for the assets, specifically for assets under the servers and endpoints vertical.

You can configure the CrowdStrike in SAFE from Administration > SAFE Hooks > Assessment Tools.

Refer to the CrowdStrike Integration guide for more details.

2. Access SAFE REST APIs from SAFE UI

SAFE APIs are only one click away now. You can access the APIs right from SAFE UI. A new option titled SAFE API is added under the Help icon available at the top-right of the SAFE screen. Clicking the SAFE API button redirects you to the SAFE API documentation.

3. New SAFE REST APIs for Company Information

We have added the following new SAFE REST APIs.

  1. Custom Fileds: Fetch all the custom fields available in SAFE for People, Technology, Third-party.
  2. Policy: Get a list of all the Policies with their SAFE Score.

4. Users Summary - SAFE Me Web App

We have enhanced the SAFE Me web application to display the user's summary on the home page of the SAFE Me web application. The summary includes the user's performance on the awareness courses, misconfigured device controls, dark web exposures, and Phishing results of that user.

5. Qualys Integration via API

Currently, Qualys can be configured in SAFE via SAFE Hooks. With SAFE v2.2.18, we are releasing Qualys integration in SAFE via API that is an alternate and improved method to integrate with Qualys.

The integration of SAFE with Qualys allows SAFE users to discover and import the assets and their respective Vulnerability Assessment results. Users can configure this integration to pull the VA results in SAFE at a pre-configured time interval. It also allows users to trigger an on-demand pull for the VA results.

Refer to the Qualys via API Integration Guide and Qualys via API - FAQs for more details.

6. Miscellaneous

  • New Windows Agent (version - 2.6.1) is released with a fix for a memory leak issue.

New Features and Enhancements   (SAFE Version 2.2.17)  

1. Get employee's threat profile via integration with Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)

The SAFE - Proofpoint integration allows SAFE to pull the threat intel details on the employees of your organization and helps you measure the employee behavior more effectively. The details include Threat index, VAP (Very attacked person), VIP, Top Clickers, and many more. 

Using Proofpoint service credentials and secret key, you can configure Proofpoint in SAFE from Administration > SAFE Hooks > Assessment Tools.

Refer to the Proofpoint Integration guide for more details.

2. Continous Outside-in assessment for First-party and Third-parties

SAFE now continuously does the outside-in assessment for First-party and Third-parties and triggers the outside-in assessment once every 24 hours.

3. New SAFE REST APIs for Company Information

We have added a new SAFE API to fetch the Company Information along with the SAFE Score of five vectors (People, Policy, Technology, CSP, and Third-party).

4. Miscellaneous

  • Risk description and Remediation steps for external security controls have been enhanced for easy reading and understanding.

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