Release Notes - Aug 2022
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Release Notes - Aug 2022

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New Features and Enhancements   (SAFE Version 2.2.33) 

Release Date: 24th Aug 2022

1. Automatically import business context from public clouds

Tags in Microsoft Azure and Labels in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are the metadata elements that you apply to the cloud resources. They are key-value pairs that help you identify resources based on settings that are relevant to your organization. 

We have added a new feature in this release that allows SAFE users to automatically import the Tags from Azure resources and Labels from GCP resources. This helps users to create multi-cloud Asset Groups based on these Tags and Labels and manage cyber risk for those groups.

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2. Introducing Macro Recommendations in SAFE

SAFE Recommendations provide you insights into understanding what can be done better to improve the cyber risk posture of your organization on a macro level. SAFE Recommendations help you prioritize actions and make informed business decisions.

The recommendations include quick insights on Overall Organization, Technology, Cyber Security Products, and Third-party, such as the number of assets that are exposed to High Impact controls that need attention, % of business-critical assets that need attention to improve their SAFE score, purchase, and securely implement security solutions, and many more.

The Recommendations section is available on the SAFE main dashboard just below the SAFE Score trend section. You can click on the various tabs to read the recommendations. Users can also download the SAFE recommendations reports from the dashboard by clicking the download icon.

The recommendations for People and Policy are currently not available in SAFE. These will be enabled in the near future.


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3. Enhancements in Azure Integration

 We have made various enhancements to the SAFE-Azure integration. Here are the highlights:

  • SAFE fetches the observation texts for qualifying or failing controls from Azure and displays them under the observation field of the corresponding SAFE control.
  • When an Azure Subscription is deleted from SAFE or permission for the subscription is revoked, the system automatically retires the corresponding assets in SAFE immediately.

New Features and Enhancements   (SAFE Version 2.2.32) 

Release Date: 10th Aug 2022

1. Automatically import business context from public clouds

  • Resource ID: ARN or Resource ID for cloud assets.
  • Parent Asset: Azure subscription name or AWS account name for the cloud asset.
  • Last seen time: It is the time when the SAFE received a heartbeat from an agent-based asset.

Asset List Table(1)

Users can click the customize icon and add these columns to the asset list table.

2. New filters in the Asset List table

  • Agent version
  • Last assessed (CA)
  • Last assessed (VA)
  • Onboarding time

Asset List Filters(1)

3. Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • SAFE now supports the configuration assessment of the Windows Server 2022 asset type. Windows Server 2022 controls library consists of ~370 controls (derived from CIS benchmarks) in SAFE.
  • Now, the system displays the scan time for agentless (Non-Windows) assets based on the SAFE instance timezone (available in the footer of the SAFE UI). Previously, the SAFE was displaying the scan times in UTC for agentless assets. This is a UI change and will not impact the configured scan times.
  • We have enhanced the Custom Field in SAFE and made it case-sensitive to support all kinds of possibilities while importing tags and labels for cloud assets. For example, now users can create separate custom fields; Environment, environment, and ENVIRONMENT.

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