Quick Onboarding - Cloud AWS
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Quick Onboarding - Cloud AWS

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About this document

This document provides the step-by-step procedure to onboard your cloud AWS accounts in SAFE.


SAFE allows users to onboard and access the Cloud AWS Accounts. Cloud AWS onboarding in SAFE is a 3 step process. Upon successful configuration and confirmation, SAFE scans the added AWS accounts and automatically onboards the assets under the "Cloud-AWS" vertical.

  1. Add AWS Account in SAFE
  2. Confirm AWS Account
  3. Scan AWS accounts and view assessment results


Sign In to the SAFE as an admin.

Step 1: Add AWS Account

SAFE allows users to add "Individual Account" and "Member Account".

Read the step-by-step procedure by clicking the above links.

Step 2: Confirm AWS accounts

All the onboarded AWS accounts will be available on the AWS account management Page. 

  • Unconfirmed Accounts: Upon successful configuration of the AWS account, the system auto-discovers the AWS account and displays it under unconfirmed accounts.
  • Confirmed Accounts: Users need to confirm all the added AWS accounts available under unconfirmed accounts to scan it. Once the user confirms the account, it will be displayed under the confirmed account.  

Refer to Confirm AWS Account.

Step 3: Scan AWS accounts and view assessment results

Step 3a: Scan AWS Account

You can scan the onboarded AWS account from the AWS configuration page. 

To start the scan:

  1. On the AWS configuration page, the system displays a list of all the confirmed AWS accounts. 
  2. Click the options menu available in the Manage column.
  3. Click the Scan button. The system notifies you of the successful start of the scan. The status of the scan will be displayed under the Assessment Status column.

You can also select multiple AWS accounts from the confirmed tab and click the scan icon available just above the header row of the table.

Step 3b: View assessment results

SAFE scans the added AWS accounts and automatically onboards the assets under the "Cloud-AWS" vertical. To view the assessment result of the onboarded AWS Accounts:

  1. Navigate to the Technology > Inside-out assessment dashboard.
  2. Click the Cloud AWS vertical from the Technology Score Trend section.
  3. The system opens the Cloud-AWS details page. Users can view the assessment result for all the assets under this vertical.

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