Quick Onboarding - Cloud Azure
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Quick Onboarding - Cloud Azure

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About this document

This document provides the step-by-step procedure to onboard your cloud Azure accounts in SAFE.


  • Admin user role in SAFE.
  • Privileges in Azure portal to:
    • Access Cloud Shell of your Azure subscription to run the PowerShell script downloaded from SAFE.
    • Access to create a Service Principal account.
    • Access to assign the Service Principal account a reader role to subscriptions.


SAFE allows you to onboard and access the Cloud Azure accounts. Cloud Azure onboarding in SAEF is a 3 step process. 

  1. Generate Connector Details (Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret)
  2. Add Azure Subscription in SAFE
  3. Confirm Subscription

Upon successful configuration and confirmation, SAFE scans the added Azure subscriptions and automatically onboards the assets under the "Cloud-Azure" vertical. 

Step 1: Generate Connector Details

Refer to Generate connector details.

Step 2: Add Azure Subscription in SAFE

Refer to Add Azure Subscription.

Step 3: Confirm Subscription

Refer to Confirm subscription.

Sync assessment data for confirmed Azure subscriptions

You can manually trigger the sync of assessment data from the confirmed Azure subscriptions. You can click the Sync-now icon available above the confirmed subscription list to start the synchronization of the assessment data in SAFE.

Azure 6(2)

SAFE will auto-sync during the next sync cycle, which initiates at 02:00 UTC as per the defined auto-sync frequency of the corresponding SAFE instance.

View assessment results of the onboarded Azure Subscriptions

SAFE assesses the added Azure subscriptions and automatically onboards the assets under the "Cloud-Azure" vertical.

To view the assessment result of the onboarded Azure subscriptions:

  1. Navigate to the Technology > Inside-out assessment dashboard.
  2. Click the Cloud-Azure vertical from the Technology Score Trend section.
  3. The system opens the Azure details page. Users can view the assessment result for all the assets under this vertical.

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