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The notifications module allows users to trigger notifications from the SAFE application by Email and SMS. Notifications can be triggered to the logged in users for the following changes:

  • Asset Score
  • Vertical Score
  • Overall Score
  • Asset Group Score
  • Asset Offboarding - Auto Retire (Only Email Notification)
  • Asser Offboarding - Auto Delete (Only Email Notification)

Create Notifications

  1. Navigate to the Notifications.
  2. Enter the Notification Name, Type, Change, Delta, and Delta Change type.
  3. Mark the checkboxes against Email and SMS as per requirement.
  4. Click Save.

Notification Details

Users can view the details of saved notifications by clicking on any of the saved notifications.

Saved Notification(1)

Delete Notifications

To delete notifications:

  1. Navigate to Notifications > Notification Details.
  2. Click the Delete icon.
  3. Click the Delete button on the confirmation screen.

Delete Notification(1)

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