Bulk Upload Third-parties to SAFE
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Bulk Upload Third-parties to SAFE

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About this document

This document gives the step-by-step procedure to upload third-parties in bulk.


SAFE allows admins to upload third-parties in bulk via CSV. SAFE admin can download the CSV template from the SAFE, fill in the details, and then upload the CSV file.

Upload Third-parties in bulk

To upload third-parties in bulk:

  1. Navigate to SAFE Dashboard > Third-Party
  2. Click the Add Third-party button.
  3. On the Add third-party pop-up screen, Click the Bulk Upload tab.
  4. Click the Download Template button available at the bottom-right of the pop-up.
  5. The system downloads the bulk upload template CSV file. Open the downloaded template file.
  6. Fill in the third-parties details in the template CSV file.
  7. Save the third-parties details in the Template file.
  8. On the Add third-party pop-up screen, Browse and Upload the CSV file to SAFE. Users can also drag and drop the CSV file to upload it to SAFE.
  9. Upon successful upload, the system notifies you via email.
  1. Enter the domain names as xyz.com. Make a note that www or https are not allowed in the domain name field.
  2. Fill in the values for all the mandatory fields.
  3. The template file name must not have any special characters.
  4. Users can upload a maximum of 5000 third-parties in a single upload.
  5. The system does not accept a template CSV file of more than 5 MB in size.

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